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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sex Education for Kids?

The Ontario Government wants to force its own liberal agenda on the entire people of Ontario. Part of the agenda is a cultural revolution similar to the sexual revolution of the 1960s. This September our kids in early school grades will be taught a new curriculum on sex education directed by the Ontario Premier, a self-confessed lesbian.

Example: In Grade 3, teachers will have to describe "invisible differences e.g. gender identity and sexual orientation." How does sexual orientation become similar to gender identity? Homosexuality is suddenly taught to young kids as only another sexual orientation similar to heterosexuality (which is the natural way of having sex between a grown man and a grown woman. The teacher will have to answer such questions as "If I am homosexual, how do I practice it?" But then those kids have no knowledge that active homosexuals cause fatal diseases such as AIDS and some other sexually-transmitted diseases through anal sex which involves a man putting his penis in the anus (or bottom) of the child. Not only there is a high risk of transmitting sexual diseases to children but also the educators are encouraging pedophilia which some men accused priests of having forced them into it when they were young serving the church some 40 years ago.

Example 2: In the curriculum for Grade 6 students, the teacher will have to prompt "Exploring one's body by touching or masturbating is something that most people do and find pleasurable. It is common and is not harmful and is one way of learning about your body." How is masturbating not harmful? Do they fail to tell kids in Grade 6 that masturbation is not only a physical act but has psychological effects such as narcissism (the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egoistic admiration of one's own attributes). Narcissism is considered a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. Stimulation of sexual organs leads to arousal which increases blood pressure and the heart rate, but above all stimulation of sexual organs leads to internal fluctuation of hormones which influence sexual arousal leading to orgasm which is naturally reserved to the very intimate relationship of a couple. Here again educators would be encouraging the child to try any drugs that stimulate a sense of orgasmic pleasure such as dopamine-based marijuana and heroin (See more here).

Example 3: In the curriculum for Grade 7 students, it emphasizes "the importance of consent and discussions about delaying or abstaining from any genital contact including vaginal, oral or anal intercourse." Who will be discussing this and with who?  Are we telling kids that they are free to discuss among themselves about what kind of intercourse they wish to have, abstain from or delay?Where is the role of parents in the curriculum in such intimate and emotional matters? What does the Liberal Government think of the religious traditions, expert opinions and Churches?

I will only mention the case of a student in the U.K. reported in November 2014 after implementing a similar sex education program (video here). The boy wanted to explore what he was taught so he asked his classmate a girl to have intercourse, but she refused. He finished it by raping her. He got his orgasm while her life was chattered.

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