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Those who do not pass from the experience of the cross to the truth of the resurrection condemn themselves to despair! For we cannot encounter God without first crucifying our narrow notions of a god who reflects only our own understanding of omnipotence and power
Pope Francis

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

When Will the West Wake Up?

It is vengeance in Gaza, Syria and Iraq. Turkey is waiting to reclaim its power as the Empire and Qatar continues to fund extremist Islamists.The Islamic "Caliphate" claims it will advance all the way to the West, occupy Rome, and will surpass Al-Qadea in its hatred for the Western Christian values.

But the shock came today when the Pentagon admitted that the U.S. has attempted to rescue an American journalist caught by ISIS since early Summer but who was killed by ISIS in revenge for the recent air strikes the Americans launched in Iraq to help free lands and people of several religions from ISIS attacks.  The American President Barack Obama spoke too. CNN reported the news:
See also the challenge of ISIS to President Obama here:

But there is more - much more...It appears also some European nations have paid many millions of dollars as ransom for their citizens caught in Syria and other places by Islamists. A real story is reported in the New York Times:
And here:

Most were reportedly liberated and sent safely to their European countries. But all those thousands of innocent citizens of the Middle East countries and Africa that lost their lives in massacres in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, Libya, Sahara and the rest in Africa did not matter! The millions there that lost their homes and belongings did not matter! Human rights seem to be enforced only when it suits the political leaders to take action.

For over three years, Fr. Henri Boulad, S.J. has been warning the West that it lost its soul, but did anyone listen? Read here his address to the Americans in the Capitol in Washington this past June.

And the American well-known Fr. Robert Barron spoke here on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

And since the formation of the Constitution of the European Union in the 1990s, the Church tirelessly sought its leaders to recognize the Christian contribution to the roots of Western civilization, but her claims fell on deaf ears.

In my opinion, no one of moderate people in any religion is inherently against the West, but it looks that there are political goals that sometimes blind its leaders. Atheism is pervasive. Materialism is undermining the Gospel message to care for the needy and to give priority to the poor. The Western leaders seem to be looking for selfish gains at the expense of poor countries.Many so-called Christians in the political leadership of the Western nations do not mind to sell out their Christian brothers in the Middle East to terrorists. Leaders of the West, whether Church leaders or political leaders may have to look again at the thrust of civilization, adapt and collaborate with people of good will, and save those who are in need in the Middle East, Africa, and Ukraine.

And now we ask what is democracy? Is it democratic to support the so-called Arab Spring that got the Muslim Brotherhood to govern or at least contest government in countries of the Arab world? Many Christians and moderate Muslims paid their lives when they opposed this organization of Islamic terror. When will the West ban the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist network?

But the greatest fear remains in the possibility of hell for every individual who did not repent before death. Although God in his ultimate generosity and mercy may forgive all sinners at the end, the possibility of hell is real because if I continue to reject another person and hate him, I simply reject God's offer of love. It is not only Obama nor the European political leaders that need to be fair, but we all need to love each other or at least stop preaching hatred of others.

When will the West wake up? When will Christians in the West wake up? And when will all Christians and non-Christian humans wake up?

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"Behold I make all things new." (Revelation 21:5)


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